Sean helping to break ground at a construction site

Sean’s commitment to Economic Development is delivering results for Western New York. Sean has worked hard to support state investment in upstate manufacturing, in an effort to attract more businesses to our state and create more local jobs.

Sean’s Plan To Invest In Our Economy

Tax Reform and State Investment

Sean led the charge to eliminate the income tax on manufacturers, saving businesses nearly $200 million dollars a year, creating jobs and revitalizing the economy. Sean has made sure that New York is helping to encourage technological innovation and create the good-paying, high-quality jobs we need to put New Yorkers back to work. To promote job growth while rebuilding our infrastructure, Sean has also worked hard to secure billion of dollars for capital improvements.

Public Transit

Recognizing that public transit is an important driver of economic growth, Sean also successfully pushed for a historic investment in upstate transit systems for the last two years. The growth of Buffalo and Western New York will be dependent on the growth of our public transportation infrastructure.Providing additional state funding to the NFTA will help to achieve this very important goal.

Upgrading Our Infrastructure

Repairing our roads, bridges, and public water Infrastructure is an important way to promote economic development and create good paying jobs. We know that our crumbling infrastructure is in desperate need of repair, that’s why Sean has fought for billions of dollars in state investment to focus on infrastructure upgrades. In the 2016 state budget, Sean fought to make sure that upstate infrastructure projects were funded at the same level as downstate projects. Sean will continue to fight for even more investment, especially funding to upgrade or public water systems and sewer infrastructure.