Sean standing with teachers at a school

Sean has shown that he is a tireless advocate for students, teachers, and education in New York State. Sean works every day to make sure New York is investing in education and our children’s future. Every child in Western New York deserves to benefit from a great education, that’s why Sean fought to increase school aid every year he has been in the Assembly.

Sean’s Education Agenda for Western New York

Increase Funding for Schools

Sean has successfully fought for billions more in education aid, to help school districts hire more teachers, lower class sizes, and actually make investments in arts, music, and sports. Sean has worked every year to end the Gap Elimination Adjustment, and he made sure the 2016 state budget ended GEA permanently.

Reform Common Core and Testing

Sean knows that teaching to the test is not the right way to educate students. Sean has successfully pushed for reforms to delay the Common Core, and cut back on standardized testing. Sean also voted for new members of the state Board of Regents who understand the need for reform. Going forward, Sean want to see the recommendations of the Governors Common Core Task Force implemented. Sean also wants to see reforms to ensure state tests take into account students with disabilities, and English language learners.

Universal Pre-K

Sean fought for significant funding for statewide full-day Universal Pre-K, because starting the learning process early helps children develop critical skills and prepares them for success. Sean wants to see even more investment in Universal Pre-K To ensure all children have a great start in life.

College Affordability

Sean has also made college affordability one of his top education priorities. Sean has fought to freeze SUNY tuition, increase TAP funding, and secured millions of dollars of investment for community colleges. Sean wants to see New York explore ways to help students refinance their debt, and cut the cost of attending a SUNY college or university.

Expanding Opportunity

Sean knows that not every student wants to attend a four year college. That’s why Sean worked hard, and successfully pushed the State Board of Regents to create a Career and Technical Diploma for high school students who want to choose an alternative educational pathway. Our schools are working to make students college ready, but we also need to realize that our students should be career ready. The new diploma option will help to achieve that goal.