Capital building in Albany, NYAll New Yorkers know that we have to be serious about fighting corruption among public officials. Sean has been working hard to put forward important reforms to prevent corrupt public officials from taking advantage of the system.

Sean’s Plan To Reform Albany

  1. Place severe restrictions on outside income, like the system put into place by the federal government after the Watergate scandal. Most of the corruption scandals we have seen involve legislators using their official position to boost their outside income. This needs to end.
  2. Amend the state constitution to take pensions away from elected officials who are convicted of corruption. If an elected official violates the public’s trust and is convicted of corruption, losing their pension benefits should be an essential part of their punishment.
  3. Create a public campaign finance system. Our current campaign finance system is broken, and has lead to countless corruption scandals. We need to take big money out of politics, and the best way to do that is to create a system of public financing where all taxpayers can have a say in our political system.
  4. Close the LLC loophole. Because of a loophole in state law, businesses incorporated as LLC’s can give unlimited contributions to state legislators. We need to close this loophole to reduce the influence of money in politics.